Lawn Aeration

Soil aeration is the process of perforating the soil across your lawn to help create a better flow of air, water, and nutrients down to the grass roots.

Aeration combats soil compaction and breaks up lawn thatch so that the grass can better grow and breathe.

How does soil become compacted? 

It doesn’t take much for your soil to compact. Lawn traffic is the main culprit… Kids, pets, and backyard BBQ guests trample all over your backyard, breaking down the grass and compacting the soil.

Construction is also a major culprit. New construction or renovation requires heavy machinery to plow through your yard.

If you live in a new subdivision, there is a good possibility that the company that installed your new sod lawn put it on top of compacted soil.

Compact Soil reduces water retention. Aeration creates the pathway for this precious life source to make it to the roots.

Aerating your lawn at least once or twice per year helps keep your soil healthy, in turn your grass can breath and have healthier roots. It will respond much more favorably to fertilization and regular watering.

Most people choose to aerate and over seed at the same time. The seeds will fall down the hole that is created. It will allow the seeds to have a protected place to grow.

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