Over Seeding

Over Seeding

The best time to plant grass seed in Southeast Idaho is at the end of summer, the seed germinates best when soil temperatures are between 50°F and 65°F. This roughly corresponds to daytime air temperatures in the 60°F to 75°F range.

Soil temperatures are optimum for seed germination at this time and there is less competition from annual weeds that grow in summer.

This is also a good time to Aerate the soil. If you combine over seeding with aeration it will allow the seeds to germinate in an optimal environment.

The holes that are made during the aeration process are a good place for seeds to grow, they will avoid exposure to the mid day heat and retain moisture.

When we spread the seeds, they are combined with a Peet moss and Top Soil mixture that will help retain moisture and provide the perfect environment to nurture growth.

The plugs will gradually dissolve back into the ground providing nutrition for the new grass that is growing.