Lawn Service

Looking for a reliable company?

You have come to the right place!


Whether it’s a weekly mowing or a one-time cut, we can handle it!

If you take pride in your properties appearance, you want the highest quality lawn cutting and maintenance services possible. That means hiring a company that shows up when they are supposed to and leaves a beautifully maintained lawn when they leave.

Our Lawn Service Includes:

  • Residential Lawn Mowing
    • Weekly
    • Bi-Weekly
    • Monthly
    • One Time Only
  • Commercial Lawn Mowing
    • Weekly
    • Bi-Weekly
  • Aerating (End of Summer)
  • DeThatching (End of summer)
  • Over Seeding (End of summer)

How it works:

We have streamlined our processes to cause minimal hassle and inconvenience for the property owner.

  • We start with our initial consultation.
  • We will listen to your requirements, making suggestions if necessary.
  • We show up on the scheduled day(s) and maintain your lawn as promised.
  • The end result will be a well maintained lawn with a fantastic appearance.

We custom tailor your lawn mowing and maintenance package to ensure that your property gets the specific attention it needs on a regular basis.

Why Use Us?

We limit how many new clients we will take on each year.

This allows us to have the time that it takes to do the job right, instead of rushing to get as many lawns done as we can.

We stay small on purpose so we can give your lawn the specific care and attention it deserves.

We believe in providing good value and complete customer satisfaction through a job well done. 

We use this checklist on every visit. 

  • Mow all lawn surfaces.
  • Trim around the lawn edges.
  • Clean clippings from sidewalks and flower beds.
  • Bag and disposal of all clippings.
  • Hand edge the lawn for a nice sharp appearance.
  • Visually inspect the property.
    • Ensure that everything is complete.
  • Check that gates are closed correctly.

If you would like an estimate please give us a call (208) 274-3993 or fill out our quote request form and we’ll get right back to you.